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Prime Vans offers complete custom campervan builds with a focus on efficiency and design.


Things that make us different:

  1. We build vans to be used, not for photos.  You won’t find a bunch of ornaments like bumpers and roof racks on our vans because for almost all users they do look cool, but make your van heavy, less efficient and less safe. 

  2. Lightweight.  We strive for even our most furniture-filled conversions to weigh 1200-1500 lbs, safely allowing for over a thousand pounds of gear plus passengers!  Ask other companies how much their conversions will weigh before you proceed, as many of them will present you a vehicle at the GVWR.  A light build allows for better drivability (especially off road), efficiency and less wear on all components.

  3. Almost everything is built in house, from the curtains to the cabinets.  Allowing us control of everything from raw materials to what sorts of wood finish is used.  The result is superior quality control, lightweight designs and durability. 

  4. Our woodworking isn’t too shabby.  Since each van is custom built effort is made to source some of the most beautiful wood possible.  

  5. We're not the cheapest, but if appreciate quality workmanship and a truly unique product then please reach out to us. 

Please email for more information or use the contact page. 

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